psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Who wants to make me a Hollom icon?

God, that last scene with him made me cry. Just him saying goodbye to Blakeney, and then the look on poor little Blakeney's face while he watched him sink...

And you know, I think his suicide was, according to his worldview, an act of complete courage and altruism. He believed he was cursed, that it was somehow his fault that the ship and the crew were having such terrible luck, and that his death would change things... so he acted on it. Poor man...

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    Dammit, I want to go to Kansas. :(

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    So I just gave notice on my temp assignment - quit my job, effectively, even though they don't have any part-time work for me yet. Leap of faith…

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    So guess what. There is an Admissions training course the NHS runs, for staff who need to add patients to waiting lists for inpatient procedures.…

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