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[Oct. 6th, 2003|05:17 pm]
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It was GREAT! I didn't get to meet the hobbits, because the tickets were all gone before we even got there, but I met lots of other cool people:

Lawrence Makoare
Brent McIntyre
Sala Baker (again)
Christian Coulson
Anthony Stewart Head
Matthew Lewis
James and Oliver Phelps
Neil and Adrian Rayment
Devon Murray (again)

Devon Murray wasn't even listed as a guest, but he turned up anyway (to see people, I guess). I saw him when I was hanging around by Sala Baker's stall, and got a photo, but then he disappeared into the middle of a crowd of fangirls and I didn't see him again. Poor boy got mobbed, and he's only fourteen. Someone should have been keeping a better eye on him, I think...

Speaking of fourteen-year-old boys, I have decided I'm going to hell because I actually quite fancy Matthew Lewis. Since the last movie, he's had a growth spurt and lost most of that Neville puppy-fat. He's a very nice boy, and didn't seem to mind having to pose for a photo with me about five times because my camera wouldn't work. He's so going to be hot, when he's old enough that I can say that without shame. We saw another boy at his stall who sparkyred insisted was Daniel Logan from Attack of the Clones, but I don't think it was.

Both sets of twins were lovely, and really down to earth. The Rayments said they're never going back to Better Homes, ever (Anna asked them, not me) and they've got two films coming out next year. Not sure if they meant together, or one film each...

I wasn't around during the twincest kerfuffle with the Phelps twins, thankfully. I hope the red-haired woman I saw with them who I think might have been their mother wasn't there, either. Anyway, I got a hug off both of them, but not an autograph because I couldn't afford it by then and I wanted ASH's.

And he was lovely, too. By the time we got to him, he was really busy, and the stewards were trying to hurry him up. But how could we resist asking for photos and hugs? We were delaying him a bit, and he said, "They're going to kill me, you know", but he posed for photos and hugged us all anyway, which was so nice of him because he didn't have to.

Christian Coulson was also a sweetheart. We went up once for photos and autographs, and then just before we left, we saw he wasn't busy, so we went back and asked for hugs. He said he thought he'd already hugged us (and he wasn't completely wrong, some of us had got hugs off him before) and then he turned to his steward and said "I feel really used, now", but he hugged us all anyway. He also told us he'll be in a thing on the BBC about Charles II, later this year, playing Charles' son Monmouth. So everybody has to watch that.

The almost-last people I met, right before ASH and the return visit to Christian, were the three LotR villains - Lawrence Makoare, Brent McIntyre and Sala Baker. The queue was moving really slowly, and the woman in charge said it was because the three of them were too nice, and kept coming out from behind their stalls to pose for photos and to talk to people and so on.

Sala I'd met before, at C3, but I didn't get an autograph then. When I reminded him of this, he said he remembered, but I think he was lying, which was very sweet of him but I hadn't really expected him to remember. So I got an autograph and a photo with him this time.

Brent McIntyre is a very tall, very skinny, bald white guy with glasses, who actually looked like the white version of a uni acquaintance of mine, Ron. Got an autograph and a photo with him. He wrote "Shire... Baggins..." on everybody's pictures.

Lawrence Makoare looks scary, but he's really a very nice guy. He came out from behind the stall (and he's huge! My arm didn't reach all the way across his back!) and posed for a photo, which kazzik took with her camera, so I'll get a copy of that later.

All in all, it was a really good day, hobbits or no hobbits!

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Date:October 6th, 2003 - 09:51 am
Wasn't Matthew Lewis the sweetest thing?

And I am jealous that you got to meet ASH. We didn't, what with longlong queues and all. Poo. But Rayments and Coulson, XD
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Date:October 6th, 2003 - 10:00 am
Wow! Good for you for talkinng to so many fabulous people! I'm glad that you had such a good time.
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Date:October 6th, 2003 - 10:03 am
You'd better have some pics for me to see when I get back! Sounds like you had fun (hobbits or no)
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Date:October 6th, 2003 - 01:34 pm
Matthew Lewis was SO sweet. I agree with you about him being quite, um, fine. *hides head in shame*

What twincest kerfuffle? Oh my god, nobody actually mentioned it to them, did they? I joked about it, but jeez.

It definately was the boy from Attack of the Clones. I asked a security guard.
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Date:October 7th, 2003 - 05:41 am
A group of girls apparently made them hold up signs saying "Twins against Twincest" and explained it to them. There are photos floating around - I saw them in the Weasleycest community.

When will people learn that you don't do that?
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Date:October 6th, 2003 - 02:28 pm
Matthew Lewis does seem very sweet. And you got to meet ASH! Damn, I'm so jealous! ;) Pictures please? XDDDD