August 20th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 08-19-2010

  • 00:22:46: Look, I found a fortune teller fish that isn't ripped! Wonder how much I can get for THIS.
  • 08:20:23: I would like to know how my clock got set to almost exactly an hour later than it should be. got the fright of my life this morning.
  • 19:45:51: stupid perfect pretty girls with their stupid perfect hair and their stupid perfect teeth. why COULDN'T I be more like my sister?
  • 20:31:41: If you go walking in the woods in high heels, you are a moron and it serves you right when you break them and fall in the mud. #premierinn
  • 21:57:42: I am looking at the cover of Gen X 26, which features Jubilee blowing a gum bubble while holding a gun bigger than her head.
  • 22:08:19: @laurenlankford because everybody in the world suffers from social anxiety. some just hide it better than others.
  • 22:12:52: @laurenlankford being afraid someone's deliberately not talking to you sometimes leads to convincing yourself they never will again.
  • 22:28:07: @viridian Miche, any diet worth the name lets you treat yourself sometimes.
  • 22:32:50: There are few things as alien in this world - barring those really weird things in the deep oceans - as a spider's face in closeup.#naturetv
  • 23:33:19: OH MY FUCKING GOD. I managed to avoid the leg-shaving scene in Cabin Fever for EIGHT YEARS and a FilmFour trailer springs it on me.
  • 23:38:36: @raspberryturk Yeeeeeeeah.

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