August 19th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 08-18-2010

  • 00:48:18: @cazrolime awwww. You must pet him and say you didn't mean it!
  • 20:21:18: I really want Pret a Manger mushroom risotto soup. alas, the branch near work wasn't doing it today.
  • 20:34:38: @ashurbadaktu Oh, love. *hugs* Maybe a phone call, if nothing else? If she's up to it?
  • 20:45:38: No, Twitter, I don't want to follow Russell Brand. He's annoying and not funny.
  • 20:54:01: @ashes_and_mist if it's a newborn, possibly to stop it scratching its face. they've got sharp little fingernails, mittens are easiest.
  • 22:04:09: @binx_349 Is there a door closed she wants to get through? Alternatively, maybe the food isn't fresh enough for her taste?
  • 23:02:09: @Frito_KAL ....yeah, I'd basically be dead and buried in ice.
  • 23:31:06: @indiaknight my mother got to sit in the carpark and watch my entire class - inc. girls we'd known for 15 years - come out in tears. Enjoy!
  • 23:38:46: @TomFelton if you visit Toronto while you're in the country, I recommend the Banting House Inn. Friendly place, fresh pancakes 4 breakfast.
  • 23:57:32: why does eBay think Plan 9 from Outer Space suggests baby clothes? *confused*

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