August 17th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • 01:03:57: ...on offer on my local Freecycle: a child-sized electric wheelchair. How unutterably sad.
  • 20:12:55: anyone got any ideas how to make myself stop scratching scabs? second time this week I've made my arm bleed.
  • 20:16:14: @prix_etoile mine involving you is James Callis' reaction to you showing up at his signing table in that dress and shoes.
  • 20:46:46: @alyjack oooh. who's the reader?
  • 22:03:33: I note that the utter cuddleslut of a blue-eyed Siamese cat in the side street near work delayed my journey home again. A sucker is me.
  • 22:28:59: @Nystana I heard this story. soldier comes back to find his wife pregnant. wife claims it's because she watched 3D porn. and he BELIEVED HER
  • 23:17:30: @cazrolime if you nudge him onto his back and rub his belly, no way will he complain.
  • 23:26:34: @laurenlankford ack! are you okay?

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