August 8th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 08-07-2010

  • 00:03:42: @donnalyman so are there going to be any mini-Lymans in the foreseeable future? ;)
  • 00:39:02: @parcae you'd be surprised how many people try to put out fires with spirits. either panic and grab what's to hand or just don't know.
  • 18:17:15: @utoxin which he?
  • 18:19:44: Argh. Remind me never to leave my window open and go out for the day, even if it looks like a clear blue sky?
  • 18:25:26:
  • 18:33:15: @NHM_London if I want to visit a specimen I donated that's in the reference collections, can that be done?
  • 18:35:18: @djcati ....Scottish... heat?
  • 18:36:37: @utoxin You mentioned his name. It gets his attention.
  • 18:40:40: @MsClara if you think guinea fowl are noisy, definitely stay away from peacocks. they sound like dying cats.
  • 18:42:43: @justshai my very fastidious little cat actually taught her own kittens to use the litterbox. with careful demonstrations. I saw her.
  • 18:51:32: @justshai are you going to keep them, or look for another home?
  • 19:18:40: @justshai Are you still in Scottsburg?
  • 19:26:04: Needed in Indiana: good home for 2 orphaned kittens. On solid food, mother killed by car. contact @justshai for details. Please RT.
  • 19:40:02: found a spider in a cupboard where I don't keep food, that I only opened because I was looking for scissors. move it or leave it in peace?
  • 19:51:59: @Gorramwolf it's currently full of plastic bags. which comes to the same, really.
  • 19:56:05: nothing but bags awaiting reuse in the cupboard and the next one along where my saucepans live isn't adjoining. Spider can live unmolested.
  • 21:55:44: @viridian Topher kitty is getting big!
  • 23:43:17: I think that tomorrow I will play in Milliways. Probably Jonathan.

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