August 5th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 08-04-2010

  • 15:24:13: Dear anonymous patient, NO, you can't use cocaine alongside your chemotherapy, what is WRONG with you? (She actually asked the doctor this!)
  • 15:30:47: @pseudelight I know, right?
  • 17:23:27: @pixieodeath @aisforamy Yeah, if it was dope I wouldn't have blinked. ;) I think it might even be at least semi-legal to do that.
  • 19:26:10: ...well. Good thing I didn't wear sandals this morning.
  • 19:30:08: @bansidhe I thought so! Few things would make me start up Twitter just to boggle at them.
  • 19:42:25: who wants to have mozzarella sticks sent to me?
  • 21:06:29: I'd forgotten that the very first CSI episode had Grissom demanding a pint of blood from the new girl and GETTING IT. Creepy, creepy man.
  • 21:27:03: @nomnombrainz about the sandals? Rain. Lots of rain. On my best suit, which I was luckily going to take to the cleaner anyway...
  • 21:43:01: haHA! Burn, #prop8, burn!
  • 21:48:03: @nomnombrainz Judge ruled it unconstitutional. :D I think we should get a copy of the proposition and have a bonfire party.
  • 21:57:44: I'm going to get a printout of Prop 8 and a bag of charcoal, go to Brighton Beach and have me a dance around its burning self. #prop8
  • 22:14:21: @Technophobia oh sure, it's only the beginning. but it's an awesome start!
  • 22:24:39: @gypsyjr maybe it was a sign that you should make it a real place!
  • 22:46:57: @cazrolime Judge ruled unconstitutional! *spins* It's only the first step, this IS going to the Supreme Court, but the first battle is ours
  • 23:08:36: RT @Pres_Bartlet: Drafting a resolution that will make today "Double Rainbow Day" in California. ...

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