July 30th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 07-29-2010

  • 00:01:13: @neilhimself aw, sad puppy. But now she will know to keep her nose out of the beehives.
  • 17:12:09: @InnerBrat I'm sorry I wasn't at the computer when you needed validation. *hugs*?
  • 17:33:23: the first time I saw Joel Bissonnette in anything, he was using a really weird Swiss accent. it screws with my head to see him be American.
  • 18:16:29: @RandomSpotlight :D
  • 19:06:59: @ChristianKane01 She wants you to adopt her. Look at that face!
  • 19:18:41: my TV screen is flickering. >:(
  • 19:32:03: @ashurbadaktu Awesome. Like string magic but more so!
  • 20:22:28: @bansidhe it's really weird! No interference with the sound, but the picture keeps flickering.
  • 20:55:41: My Girl still made me cry like a baby well into my teens. Which is the last time I saw it. #filmconfessions
  • 21:06:14: @cazrolime I love your Echo Bazaar commentary. Everybody else just leaves on the pre-written text.
  • 21:11:23: Been going for interviews for permanent jobs, but I feel bad. Janice made me sandwiches and cake and it feels like abandoning her.
  • 21:35:27: @the_agoniste Small cats have no concept of space not being theirs. Especially if there's a human in it.
  • 21:56:48: @ilikeautumn you should have at least a couple of months. D*C still had tickets available for this year earlier this month.
  • 22:29:34: @calamitykate does carpet have a smell? I know NEW carpet does, from being repeatedly dragged into carpet shops as a child...
  • 22:38:26: the NCIS team just opened a cupboard and a capuchin monkey started throwing packaged food at them. *cackling* #ncis
  • 22:46:34: @msgracefh of course! He looks good for his age and smart is sexy.
  • 22:52:25: Twitterpoll. Raul, Colombian waiter who calls me "bella" and today followed me for a good 20ft asking why I didn't go into his cafe today.
  • 22:53:04: Sweet, flirting, or a little creepy? He's neither old nor ugly.
  • 23:24:37: @havenward ahahahaha you should have seen me squirm just LISTENING to my mother explain why she's afraid of spiders.

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