July 23rd, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 07-22-2010

  • 18:50:01: @InnerBrat dare I ask what Jasper did this time?
  • 19:00:45: @agoodshinkickin Made sense to me! At least, it does since the incident with the BSG actor who turned up to a panel drunk and belligerent.
  • 19:05:09: @viridian I *think* it was Aaron Douglas. He came in late, with the others making comments about the bar.
  • 19:06:00: @viridian then he took exception to somebody's question and ranted about it being stupid. Thank God for James Callis defusing it.
  • 19:11:32: @viridian I've heard other stories since, yeah. but it made me sad. :(
  • 19:36:49: oh hey, Angelo's 24 today. What should I do? #xprpg
  • 21:32:57: @apiphile oh, I love the stripy little piglets. :D
  • 22:23:02: @ashes_and_mist I ship it.
  • 22:27:04: @ashes_and_mist *beams* I've barely even seen any Leverage and I still ship those two to the death. (I HAVE seen the "fake" makeout scene)
  • 23:01:08: @nomnombrainz my old flatmate had one that could sit on the floor or on a table or on her lap, depending how it was folded. got it on ebay.

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