July 9th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 07-08-2010

  • 00:03:18: @ashes_and_mist Yeah. I mean, I didn't hate her, but... high school is not a time I enjoy revisiting.
  • 00:04:21: @havenward ...wow. Of all the things to learn to use first...
  • 00:11:00: Au Lait cannot fight. Au Lait can only hover. Hover on, Au Lait!
  • 00:11:22: @havenward yeeeeeeeah.
  • 00:25:27: @ChadLindberg hello, Mr. Lindberg! Would you consider sponsoring a charity walk? http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/katharineeccles
  • 18:50:08: @nomnombrainz Ana lent me the balance and is being flexible about repayments. and it's okay.
  • 18:54:06: @ashes_and_mist and what's wrong with blue leopard print? ;)
  • 18:54:36: dear gods of finance. Please let the Paypal money come through by Saturday. Please please please.
  • 19:00:57: @ashes_and_mist Awww. Can you get another one?
  • 19:12:05: @splash_of_blue in context, the judge's point was they shouldn't have to hide who they are to save their lives. unfortunate wording, but.
  • 19:44:55: OMG Brittany-Anthy. GENIUS. #milliways
  • 20:03:39: I have this thing stuck in my head, involving the Grgic brothers invading the mansion (possibly wanting Meggan back for some reason?)
  • 20:04:59: and Kurt utterly pwning them by welcoming them to his home and declaring them his guests under the laws they all grew up knowing as sacred.
  • 20:06:31: follow the guest laws, they can't touch anyone living there. break the laws, Kurt tells the clans and they lose a whooooole lot of honour.
  • 20:19:16: @nomnombrainz I need to do something similar. also, while the urgency is much less now, did your payee get back to you?
  • 20:33:55: @calamitykate O.o
  • 20:38:47: @calamitykate ....ew,
  • 21:00:34: @nomnombrainz Dude, report her. She's endangering your health.
  • 21:01:54: @nomnombrainz would it help if I put in a claim for the money in writing?
  • 21:12:38: @nomnombrainz because not to sound grabby but the loan's been unpaid, interest-free, for two years.
  • 21:13:29: @nomnombrainz and I have documents to prove it. I don't think calling it in now is unreasonable.
  • 21:23:59: @nomnombrainz I haven't got my own fax machine anyway. I could do it from work, possibly, or by e-mail.
  • 21:33:47: @ashes_and_mist they do at aquariums. with proper care and feeding, I don't see why not
  • 21:38:24: @juleshastweets ....your life is never boring.
  • 21:43:35: @nomnombrainz ....any luck getting a new payee? and it could be worth a try.
  • 21:45:56: @nomnombrainz just give me the details in an email. and I'll send him... just the Western Union statement? or our discussions?
  • 21:50:05: @nomnombrainz if it's easier, now the emergency is at least deferred, we can wait until you get a new guy etc. or you can pay me from sales
  • 22:03:13: @nomnombrainz do you get to keep the money you make for yourself, without payee involvement?
  • 22:06:34: @nomnombrainz then I think that's the solution. :) if you make a decent amount from that, we're sorted without fighting your sister/payee.
  • 22:10:26: ...something is buzzing between my headboard and the wall.
  • 22:15:23: @nomnombrainz good stuff. :D
  • 22:16:16: it was a big fat wasp! possibly a dying one. and now it's dumped out the window.
  • 22:20:10: @Frito_KAL thank God my baby sister's sensible about her weight (and gorgeous WITHOUT being a stick, thank you). I'd've forcefed her choc.
  • 22:23:31: @Frito_KAL and now someone is spamfollowing me whose first visible tweet is about how you should eat less calories than you use daily. BLOCK

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