July 3rd, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 07-02-2010

  • 00:16:33: @sydk at least they're doing it in their own garden and not on a crowded bridge, like I caught some kids doing in Lewes last year?
  • 19:24:25: RT @the_vuvuzela: Bzzzil. Bzzzil. Bzzzil. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzil.
  • 19:25:50: I was forced to retweet that last by it making me giggle helplessly for five minutes.
  • 19:34:05: @StephenMangan my little sister bit me when I wouldn't change the channel (still have the scar!) so I shut her in the toybox and sat on it.
  • 19:41:11: aw, the woman who voiced the Disney Cinderella died. :(
  • 20:40:02: @creature57 No one ever looks good on ID pictures. Ever.
  • 20:44:34: how can I be sitting by an open window and still boiling to death?
  • 21:44:19: augh the dancing puppets.
  • 22:10:26: apparently work's solution to a succession of FIVE gynae secretaries who can't do the job is to make me do it. sigh.
  • 22:12:18: at least I'm not required to work two jobs in the space of one this time. Just bumped to the lonely office downstairs so they can watch F.
  • 22:20:28: @jazaay I was just thinking that. Heights scare me enough with a safety barrier!
  • 22:47:28: Raul and Fabian keep mocking me about the #worldcup. Bloody Colombians. #affection
  • 23:42:40: @justshai ...oh, the poor woman. *wince*
  • 23:45:28: Randall Flagg just started following me. I'm scared.
  • 23:49:53: @parcae The Vegas Walkin' Dude.

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