July 2nd, 2010

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From Twitter 07-01-2010

  • 15:21:38: follow up on my post yesterday about my friend's daughter being mugged will follow in a moment with more detail. Please pass it on.
  • 15:23:45: 2pm in South Minneapolis, broad daylight, she was approached, stepped aside to let them pass, and with no warning one hit her in the temple.
  • 15:25:03: She was knocked down by that one punch - and this is a girl who knows karate. She did manage to kick one of them, possibly in the groin.
  • 15:26:11: so that one may have a foot-shaped bruise in the stomach or groin. then they stole her purse and ran away.
  • 15:26:55: they were two black men, taller than her, in their maybe late twenties/early thirties. One had short hair, the other short dreads.
  • 15:28:19: this happened, again, in broad daylight on a Minneapolis street, near Dreamhaven Books. If you know or saw ANYTHING, please tell the police
  • 15:36:48: @cazrolime Nothing serious like concussion or skull fracture, her mother had her checked over. So just the emotional impact, really.
  • 16:01:40: "mild violence"? People get eaten! A girl gets her head bitten off! This is mild violence, SyFy?
  • 17:44:23: I don't think I'd be able to foster an animal. I wouldn't be able to give them up at the end.
  • 19:50:08: @ashes_and_mist yay nice clothes!
  • 20:17:36: Timothy Olyphant really likes the Sheriff role, doesn't he? #deadwood #justified
  • 21:07:39: thank God for takeaway guys who let me pay two days from now when I've been paid. finances haven't recovered from the move yet.
  • 21:13:52: @GailSimone uh oh. what's he done or said now?
  • 21:14:27: @calamitykate why downer? *hugs*
  • 21:49:19: @nomnombrainz I hate to ask again, but is there any progress on that money? I'm pretty heavily in the red.

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