May 31st, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 05-30-2010

  • 00:31:18: @zeppelining_you I think a lot of us aren't ready to give up on him yet. it's been a long time since a leader inspired that kind of hope.
  • 00:49:37: @starletfallen I am clinging to the idea that what happened has to be reversible. Somehow.
  • 01:05:48: @starletfallen also, I can't believe they did that twice in three episodes.
  • 01:21:09: @gypsyjr Twice in three episodes, Becky. And in a similar way, too. Poor boy.
  • 10:57:34: anyone want a large French dictionary with a slightly tatty but removable dustcover? seems pointless me carting it from flat to flat.
  • 12:45:38: @samanthajferris did you get to meet her when she did that SPN episode?
  • 12:51:37: filled two huge bags with my books and DVDs and I still have books left to pack. I think I may have too many.
  • 13:18:17: @calamitykate ...there's more than one way to poach an egg?
  • 15:33:43: hah. I have appropriated a box from the tip pile on the landing that JUST holds the last of my books. Success!
  • 17:05:42: @TakenByTheWind THE CAKE IS A LIE.
  • 17:45:35: @KathrynATaylor clothes catalogues are evil. other catalogues can be quite fun.
  • 18:59:09: @MsClara it's possible it was just dust burning, if you had something on that's been idle for a while
  • 19:39:53: okay. Everything is packed now except my clothes, which will take about ten minutes, and other things I'll need this week. *accomplished*
  • 19:46:19: @havenward *laughs* I love hearing people's dream-talking.
  • 20:04:20: @MsClara someone sharing her bath with Daddy whether he likes it or not?
  • 21:23:13: *mooches* no one's home and I'm bored. got CSI reruns on TV, but anyone want to help entertain me?
  • 21:23:32: @samburgler oooh, really? haven't seen that one.
  • 21:28:11: @samburgler have you got to the part where the Japanese guy and the woman can't resist jumping each other instead of working?
  • 21:41:09: it's really disconcerting when an actor who was a semi-regular on one CSI incarnation shows up in a different one-shot role on another.
  • 22:50:32: owowowow kicked the coffee table.
  • 23:04:19: @samanthajferris I'd suggest looking into changing your airline.
  • 23:11:26: oh, hey, this is the episode with @Sean_M_Maher as a skeevy Spring Break promoter guy. #csimiami
  • 23:27:09: @cansandstring ...dude, I tried that ONCE, when I was six, and my mother yelled at me for half an hour. never did it again.
  • 23:28:41: @justshai *sadface* You're allowed, of course, but... that movie offends my sensibilities.
  • 23:42:21: @justshai they GRITTIFIED it. D: and they took out robbing the rich to feed the poor! from what I can tell, it's just another war movie.
  • 23:44:57: @justshai it is possible I'm a little irrational on this subject. the Robin Hood legends were my bedtime stories.
  • 23:51:06: @justshai oh, the time period historically was not nice unless you were rich. but... but... the Merry Men! Errol Flynn!

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