April 21st, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 04-20-2010

  • 08:52:30: @decaydmatter it is indeed. only less horrible.
  • 20:52:21: @jumblejim Jensen might be too pretty to refuse, but I'd take you over Jared any day.
  • 20:54:56: @jumblejim And you can tell him someone said so, too.
  • 20:56:17: @MsClara from the mouths of babes. it IS interrupting a lot of things...
  • 20:57:54: @erikjlarsen: @GailSimone said I could hold you responsible for my current vicious cold. I hate you.
  • 21:06:05: amused to death that the woman who plays Sue Sylvester in all her glorious evil is apparently really nice in RL and Team Moms the cast.
  • 21:28:52: Self, you may not get up and do your Take On Me dance. It looked ridiculous even when you were 18 in a kitsch club.
  • 21:55:36: @WilliamShatner I'd vote for you. If I was Canadian.
  • 22:02:24: @smiththewhippet No hair for you, puppy. It'll make you sick.
  • 22:42:26: @mesalliance did you know some bats play midwife for each other? they use their wings as blankets and fans, and generally help with births.

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