April 4th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 04-03-2010

  • 18:10:25: @winternoir @decaydmatter I got thrown off a cycling proficiency course when I was 11 for being entirely incompetent at cycling. *sad*
  • 18:13:02: @amyamychan ...how does that even work?
  • 18:16:23: @amyamychan ...NEGATE. there is a perfectly good word!
  • 18:38:22: @Frito_KAL muffin and strawberries? dates are gross.
  • 19:18:47: Damn you, Matt Smith, for dragging me into another Doctor. And don't think I don't hear you channeling Tennant.
  • 19:28:16: @Frito_KAL ....I kind of do. I didn't want to!
  • 21:56:29: @Technophobia I'm not sure if my inner Angelo is more upset about Doug being mixed up with Hellfire or Belladonna. But he doesn't know.
  • 22:36:25: @davegodfrey Dave, are you expecting historical accuracy from Dr. Who? Really?
  • 22:37:27: magpies live in committed threesomes!
  • 22:39:26: ahahaha. "from beneath you, the crocodile devours".
  • 22:40:55: excuse the spam. this is apparently what happens to me when you combine chocolate and The Life of Birds.
  • 23:36:50: one of the things I miss about Brighton is sitting on the beach at dusk and watching the starlings dance over the West Pier.

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