March 28th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 03-27-2010

  • 09:38:24: there was a man on the Tube yesterday reading Twilight on his phone. why do I keep meeting seemingly normal 20-something men who do this?
  • 09:41:18: @ashes_and_mist they even did an episode with bullet time, just for him.
  • 18:26:01: came home to find Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on. The kids are so tiny!
  • 18:29:41: @viridian Granted. Use your weekend as it was intended.
  • 18:35:07: @pixieodeath Hee! George the werelight gets to be heroic?
  • 18:43:35: @pixieodeath have you tried Spike with a laser pointer? or just a reflective surface and a ray of sunlight, for the poor.
  • 18:50:36: @pixieodeath ...was I supposed to do something?
  • 18:51:07: @pixieodeath something involving Aura, I mean? The other thing I'm doing right now.
  • 18:55:38: @pixieodeath *eyes her email* I was tagged?
  • 20:50:34: @hilarity I bet someone's made a hack so you can.
  • 21:54:01: I have been bribed and puppy-eyed into allowing Drag Me To Hell on TV in my presence. I may flee the room.
  • 23:57:38: @ofthenorth which bit?

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