March 27th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 03-26-2010

  • 19:55:53: if the corner-eye glimpse of something brown and leggy fluttering near my head makes me scream and beg someone to get the spider off...
  • 19:56:40: I officially have a phobia? (It wasn't even actually a spider. It was some small unidentified flying thing.)
  • 22:20:51: my sister went up for this Dorothy casting thing. but she's not on the TV show.
  • 22:58:37: @havenward if they're outside cats, keep an eye on any low tree branches
  • 23:11:11: @havenward My cat actually managed to REMOVE her flea collar with a low branch once. We found it hanging with no cat.
  • 23:11:41: @havenward Still don't know how she did it without choking herself to death.
  • 23:12:42: suddenly and for no reason, I have one of the songs from Starlight Express stuck in my head.
  • 23:19:54: @havenward she's a very clever cat. I know for a fact if she was just a bit heavier, she could open lever-handle doors. I saw her try.

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