March 26th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 03-25-2010

  • 19:46:07: @dizzyshai You mean the India log?
  • 19:49:03: @Frito_KAL uh oh. what did she do?
  • 19:53:08: RT @lucaskrech: Oakland, CA. White male fat w/ red hair driving gold Hummer did hit&run on my mom(now in hospital) Can RTs find this jerk?
  • 19:53:52: @Frito_KAL aw, kitty. My cat likes baths, but not when she's in them - bubbles just fascinate her.
  • 20:14:59: @Technophobia oh God, really? *pulls face*
  • 20:21:48: @Technophobia Picket them back!
  • 20:22:45: @cansandstring you never heard that before? Kids in playgrounds here still sing it.
  • 20:23:15: who mentioned a porcupine persona for Firefox? Link me?
  • 20:48:39: @cansandstring there was even a game that went with it when I was little. two kids made an arch, the others passed under it
  • 20:49:35: @cansandstring and the kid passing through when they got to "head" was fake-beheaded with their hands and out of the game.
  • 20:54:08: Silvio Berlusconi, implying that your female opposition is ugly is not politics. It is that tactics of a ten-year-old. Stop it.
  • 20:57:42: @dizzyshai anything I can do to help?
  • 21:36:36: @ashes_and_mist issa hedgehog. :D porcupines have longer spines. but still cute!
  • 22:08:37: My Firefox is full of dolphins. (there was a bar in front of the hedgehog's face.)
  • 23:24:30: log I'm currently working on, Kurt is sitting by Selene's cage calmly threatening to torture her with _bible readings_.
  • 23:24:49: I love it when he gets to be quietly badass.

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