February 22nd, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 02-21-2010

  • 18:46:37: are things really "freaks of nature" if they're just like the rest of their species? *eyes Nick Baker*
  • 19:05:36: @samburgler I wouldn't trust ME with those. I've still got the scar on my hand from the last time I did.
  • 19:18:21: when was it decided our children didn't actually need to develop an immune system?
  • 19:41:05: @Kajivar I know, right. How are kids supposed to learn what's dangerous if they never hurt themselves?
  • 19:47:02: @Kajivar my friend Kate and I were always running around unsupervised in the woods behind her house, never did us any harm.
  • 22:47:07: am I the only person who's afraid of the Credit Expert guy? he's creepy.
  • 23:01:16: @katypegg hair pulled back so tightly it hurts?

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