February 20th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 02-19-2010

  • 18:54:09: @burntcopper ...clearly someone missed the part where crucifixion could take DAYS to kill you. among other things.
  • 19:00:41: @viridian our cat broke his catnip sock the other day. amazing how sprightly an elderly cat can get when he's high.
  • 20:13:09: @splash_of_blue because it's trampling on people's right to have their meat slaughtered with a bolt gun, duh!
  • 20:23:20: @splash_of_blue ....to be fair, in the strictest view of fairness, serving ONLY halal is as bad as not serving it at all.
  • 20:23:48: @splash_of_blue in terms of not serving pork, at least.
  • 20:30:50: @splash_of_blue Yeah, non-Muslims CAN eat there, but... okay, while I despise Le Pen and the FN, to be truly fair it should do both. *shrug*
  • 20:34:48: I could be at a baby's birthday party. but I'm at home in a big sweater dying of headcold.
  • 21:14:40: @parcae American pants or British pants?
  • 21:20:54: @parcae if you haven't read it before, Wizard's Holiday.
  • 21:31:41: @parcae heh, I should do that. maybe it would wake Roshaun up, too.
  • 21:38:39: @cansandstring there isn't a non-horrible comic book store near you?
  • 21:44:42: I was watching House earlier and there was a guy in the background who looked just like an ageing John Lennon.
  • 21:45:59: also there was a guy in full tartan and kilt playing bagpipes on Westminster Bridge. I love my city.
  • 22:03:53: @parcae what?
  • 22:47:21: @parcae I've had a Roshaun for a long time. both as a teenager and aged nine, except I haven't played him for two years.
  • 23:03:56: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOWA-L3JZO4&feature=player_embedded THIS. THIS IS GENIUS.
  • 23:55:48: @winternoir what kind of vegetables?
  • 23:57:49: @winternoir ooooooh.

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