February 12th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 02-11-2010

  • 20:22:59: I got a job interview! And they came to me! I didn't even apply, because I am awesome.
  • 21:41:54: there's a cake on the table that I'm not allowed to eat yet because it's @innerbrat's birthday cake. it's just sitting there. being cakey.
  • 22:31:57: I have a hotel room booked in Atlanta for D*C. Anyone still looking for crash space? Please feel free to pass this on to friends.
  • 22:35:25: @sydk I will!
  • 22:41:47: @Kajivar well, the hotel room's mine, and the space is yours unless other people claim it.
  • 22:49:21: @rushindoll Dude, you could have told me that when I was asking a week ago...
  • 22:52:58: @rushindoll A reservation. Which hotel are you booked in?
  • 22:54:59: @TakenByTheWind Come to DC! My friend Kyle (female) and I are going as Baltar and Six.
  • 23:08:18: @rushindoll Can I have one of your spaces? I might also hang onto my room for awhile, in case anyone wants it.
  • 23:45:39: @rushindoll a share of a pricey room is probably still cheaper than paying for a whole room by myself. But I'll keep mine until the limit

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