February 8th, 2010

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 02-07-2010

  • 00:00:47: @ladyseraph someone I'd met maybe once before invited me to her wedding, because that "one meeting" represented six years of friendship.
  • 00:03:12: @ladyseraph and because I'm crazy and she's adorable, I actually flew to California for the weekend to go. I think 'net friends can be real
  • 00:03:31: @ladyseraph without ever meeting in person.
  • 00:09:33: @winternoir we know it intellectually. sadly, I'm a little emotionally unstable and obsess about things even if I don't want to.
  • 00:14:43: @Frito_KAL Might actually do that.
  • 00:16:40: @Frito_KAL Cowboy Mouth always helps! I think all I have of theirs are songs about New Orleans off a mix someone made.
  • 00:21:51: *pokes at Twitter* why can I not see tweets of Seraph's that I should be able to?
  • 00:23:17: oh, now I can. Weird.
  • 01:08:21: @sephirajo meeting my cousin James' 15-month old little person thing yesterday actually made me want one for real. and then she cried.
  • 01:44:27: also, randomly: little cousin Meggie totally fangirls my sister. she found out Fizz had actually SUNG, on the STAGE, and her eyes went huge
  • 01:57:25: @jumblejim Is that Birmingham in England or Birmingham in America?
  • 15:58:41: it's unfortunate that freedom of speech, by definition, has to apply to stupid people too. *glances at the Mail*
  • 18:12:57: if someone can outrun a dozen racehorses, he's had more than Weetabix.

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