September 19th, 2009

bruised_candy Captain Jack

From Twitter 09-18-2009

  • 20:35:43: and just when I thought I'd decided to stay in the game...
  • 21:31:49:, suddenly I'm glad I only have one RSS feed friended
  • 21:33:33: @buongiornodaisy nothing related to Milliways, this time. Elsegame difficulties making me sad.
  • 22:02:21: @buongiornodaisy *hugsback*
  • 23:13:38: John and Angelo sharing a NYC apartment. I have glee and fear in equal measure.
  • 23:15:42: @booktart Most of it wasn't publicly visible, I gather.
  • 23:36:27: OMG BABY. *spins Batya and Alex*

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