December 30th, 2007

beauty walks on a razor's edge

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Today is apparently not my day.

The cat threw up on my duvet about ten minutes ago. So I went to get a clean one from the cupboard, during the course of which I managed in quick succession to smack my shoulder on something, skin my thumb on the edge of a shelf, then clock myself in the face with the metal hooked stick used to pull down the loft hatch.

tear of the sun

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So, the freaking out about earnings. It has two sources, really. One is that I want to get a flat and live on my own and I'm just not sure I can afford to at that rate.

The other, as usual, is my mother. She wants to know what I'm earning and how much I still owe on my student loan so she and Dad can figure out how much to take as my "rent". And something she may not say this time when I tell her - because she knows I'm not earning much - but has said before is "You should be earning at least £20K at your age and experience".

She's quite right, in fact. That's a reasonable wage for me to expect.

But the brain takes her quite reasonable and accurate statement and hears "You're a failure in life. You're 26 and a half and earning only a little over half what you should be. You haven't amounted to anything and you disappoint me."

So. Freakout ensues.
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