March 25th, 2007

where the waves grow sweet

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Okay. The fixed travel plan is:

San Diego

The rest is a little more flexible, assuming I'm going to LA and Atlanta and not to Vegas on this trip (though I could, theoretically and bearing in mind I'm looking at a map with no real idea of distances, take a side trip to Vegas). Much as I would like to, I've been there before, I haven't been to Atlanta, and Mo and Avital want me in Atlanta. Speaking of which, girls, any chance of either a couch to sleep on or recommendations of hostels?

Georgia is close to Illinois, comparatively, considering California is on the other side of the country, and both are closer to Toronto. Would people recommend going to LA before San Diego, or before Toronto? And would a side trip to Vegas from California be feasible?

ETA: We have a plan! Chicago -> LA -> San Diego -> Vegas with Twiller and Frito -> Atlanta -> Toronto -> home.

Star? How are you getting from Chicago to LA?