October 30th, 2006

horny sexy Orlando

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Rick's Halloween plot gives me a lot of wonderful chances to be evil, and yet I think in every case it will do the character some good.

Sharpe is getting a visit from Daniel Hagman, for some sensible advice etc. And probably a song.

Norrington is getting an NPC, in fact, a young midshipman who appeared, and died, in the thread we did of precanon for DMC. That was already planned before Rick suggested it.

Michael is getting Courtney. His first dead soldier.

Gavroche is getting one or more of Les Amis, socked by Becca.

And Liam and Kevin are both getting to dream about their mothers.

This is going to be fun. I do, however, need sockers for all those unspoken for, except possibly Liam and Kevin's mothers, if anyone wants to volunteer. Any takers?