September 29th, 2003

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A meme, stolen from someone on my friendslist. One of the following statements is a lie. Guess which one, and get... something I haven't decided on yet. morganmuffle, you're not allowed to answer, because you've already been told most or all of the true stories, and you might have been there for some of them, depending on which ones I use.

1) I met Richard O'Brien when I was ten. At Center Parcs.

2) I met Adam Garcia at the stage door when he was in Grease, before he was really famous, and I have his autograph.

3) I met Julian Clary late one night in Brighton, when I was on my way to a club and happened to walk past the back of the Theatre Royal, where he was signing photos. I stammered at him for ten minutes until he took pity and gave me an autograph.

4) I once stood for twenty minutes in a shop, less than a foot away from H from Steps, and didn't realise who he was until my friend behind the counter told me, after he'd gone.

5) A girl I was in the Guides with knew Mark Owen's cousin.

6) I used to work with Orlando Bloom's gorgeous cousin, the one in the pictures people were posting a few days ago, in a volunteer shop in Brighton. Sadly, I didn't know who he was related to, and I don't have a working phone number for him.

7) My good friend Phil provably met, and claims to have slept with, Rufus Wainwright.

8) A girl I was at school with claims to have once pulled Rio Ferdinand.

9) My uncle was at school with Michael Palin.

10) A guy I lived with in my first year at uni told me that Craig Doyle, from that holiday show, had tried to chat him up.