September 17th, 2003

silly Viggo

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Thanks to musesfool, I now have a new HP/BtVS crossover bunny.

Anyanka and Halfrek at Hogwarts.

Think about it - two vengeance demons, one of them specialising in scorned women, the other in neglected children... at a mixed-sex boarding school for eleven to eighteen year olds.

Oh, this one's going to be fun when I get round to writing it.
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silly Viggo

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You know what I suddenly want to read?

Buffyverse futurefic where Andrew isn't the oh-so-adorably closeted geekboy we all know and love, but has come out and become the queen he has such great potential to be. I blame Jennifer Oksana for this, because she wrote a wonderful piece with Lorne and Andrew bitching about the Angel cast, and gave me a taste for that characterisation.

I also blame paranoidkitten, because she rec'd that story and I might never have found it otherwise. So, Claire, got any more queen!Andrew fic?

I will write it if I have to. There must and shall be more.
bruised_candy Captain Jack

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OK, it's official. I am completely and irrevocably in love with Andrew Wells.

Anyone know any good Andrew fic? Post-Chosen, preferably, but I'm not picky. Slash would also be good.