June 16th, 2003

happy smile Bean

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I had a very nice day. Didn't find Nick's CD, and apparently it's close to being deleted, because they didn't produce that many copies. But I ordered it, and I might get it.

Met up with sparkyred and we went to Forbidden Planet and mocked the action figures that don't actually look anything at all like the actors they're supposed to be. Also, bought the latest SFX with the Reader Poll results, and a novelisation of the whole seventh season of Buffy.

It's still gorgeous and sunny out there.

Who's going to this HP launch party at Piccadilly Waterstones' on Friday night?
silly Viggo

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Oh, my good God.

Federico = campest. superhero. ever.

He's wearing a full red lycra bodysuit, and a pink cape with stars, and some kind of ridiculous head-dress. And he just stripped down to his boxers to put it on. I think he may have to do it again at some point, so keep watching.
serious trees R/Hr Dom

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Title: The Other Point of View
House: Ravenclaw
Words: 100
Characters: Salazar Slytherin

This is the last testament of Salazar Slytherin, read Harry, before I am cast forever from the school I helped to found.

My colleagues are at best blind, at worst, fools. They do not see what they are bringing upon their own heads by allowing Muggle-borns into Hogwarts - and I pray that they may never learn it by bitter experience.

I fear, however, that such will come to pass. And to that end, I am leaving my basilisk in the school. In a crisis, my heir will know what to do.

And may the gods be with you all.