May 30th, 2003

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Written for the random_hundreds challenge. AU Buffy drabble - set in a world where Wesley goes back to England after the death of the Mayor's assistant, and doesn't come back. The operatives never show up to get Faith.


"Are you for real? No punishment, seriously?"

"Faith, you have my word. You are not going to England, and you won't be harmed or imprisoned. Wesley has gone back to the Council to face an inquiry, and his replacement arrived this morning."

"Replacement? Giles... why can't you just be my Watcher?"

"Give him a chance, Faith, I think you'll like him. I pulled some strings and called in an old friend of mine. He knows about your situation from personal experience, and you should get on very well."

Giles opened the door to a sour-looking man in robes, like a priest or something.

"Faith, I'd like you to meet Severus Snape."
bruised_candy Captain Jack

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Damn, Sean Bean is an incredible actor. This scene I'm watching in FotR, where Boromir tries to take the ring. The way he goes from anger to tears in one second flat is... stunning, frankly.