April 28th, 2003

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Saw Evita again last night, for the first time in a while. Antonio Banderas... singing... guh. And the accent! The man may not be so much with the pretty, but he is pure sex.
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bruised_candy Captain Jack

Something worth doing

The Nigerian supreme court has upheld the death sentence for Amina Lawal,
condemned for the crime of adultery on August 19th 2002, to be buried up to
her neck and stoned to death.

Her death was postponed so that she could continue to nurse her baby and is
now set for June 3rd. If you haven't been following this case, you might
like to know that Amina's baby is regarded as the 'evidence' of her
adultery. The father denied everything when he realised the trouble he was
in. To find out more about sharia law, see


This case is being handled by the Spanish branch of Amnesty International,
which is attempting to put together enough signatures to make the Nigerian
government rescind the death sentence. A similar campaign saved another
Nigerian woman, Safiya, condemned in similar circumstances. By March 4th the
petition had amassed over 2,600,000 signatures. It will only take you a few
seconds to sign Amnesty's online petition. Go to the web page


Enter your first name in the space marked 'nombre', last name('apellidos'),
county ('provincia'), country, and In the drop down box pick Reino Unido
(United Kingdom). Then click on 'Seguir' and go to the second page. There
you have the option of entering your email address if you wish to receive
follow-up information. In any case, be sure to click on 'aceptar' to have
your name added to the petition list. Please sign the petition now, then
copy this message into a new email and send it to everyone in your address

To translate the Spanish Amnesty website, go to
http://babelfish.altavista.com and insert the web address in the appropriate