February 14th, 2003

bruised_candy Captain Jack

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Oh, this song breaks my heart. Those of you who know it, do you think it would still be as sad if Freddie Mercury hadn't died the way he did, and so young?

This, incidentally, didn't come out of nowhere. I've been thinking lately about the effect the death of an actor or musician can have on people's perception of their work - like all the people who went to see The Crow specifically because Brandon Lee died making it.

So, do you think it makes certain songs sadder when you know the person singing them died young? Only ones that would have been sad anyway, of course...
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    Queen, Too Much Love Will Kill You
bruised_candy Captain Jack

(no subject)

I had one glass of wine with dinner - one, with food - and already I feel slightly drunk. I have become a lightweight. Gone are the days when I could drink large amounts of Chris' patented "vodka-punch-with-added-vodka" and still stay up all night.

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