December 29th, 2002

bruised_candy Captain Jack

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I Love 1987 - I really wish I'd got to be on Going Live on Halloween, when I was a kid. "Yes, children, let's all go and poke Phillip Schofield with sticks". I used to adore Phillip Schofield. He was probably my first celebrity crush. And you know the freaky thing? He doesn't look the slightest bit different than he did fifteen years ago...

Why isn't there more Withnail and I slash available? I just watched Paul McGann and Ralph Brown's commentary on the DVD, and they kept referring to Withnail and Marwood as "young marrieds". It's so true! Why haven't the slashers descended on that movie en masse? Or have they, and I just haven't found it? If there is Withnailslash out there, please tell me where...?
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