December 13th, 2002

bruised_candy Captain Jack

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Term's over! Yay!

I'm going to see Jacob tomorrow, and taking a slightly odd assortment of objects with me to offer as presents:

A blue glass heart that I thought was pretty.

A crystal (hematite) that the woman in the shop told me was healing. It's not especially attractive, but I figure, anything that might get him out of there quicker has to be worth a try.

My Crowded House CD. Yes, I still want it, but I can easily get another one.

No idea if he'll like them or not, but I hope he does. He won't say so even if he doesn't, but I want to give him things he'll like. Do they sound OK presents to you?

Oh, and Kay - PayPal won't let me send you any money (something to do with a member number I've forgotten). Do you have a Billpoint account?