November 28th, 2002

bruised_candy Captain Jack

No party for Kate on Saturday night

I called Chris earlier to ask if I could sleep on his floor after the party at his, and he said he'd have to ask his flatmates, and he'd call me back.

He did, a couple of hours later, and said all the floorspace in the flat was going to be filled with various alumni and other friends, who'd already each claimed their spot. I won't have time to go and get a hostel bed, since I have to be in London for the theatre at 7.30, and I might as well stay there all day, rather than going to Brighton, and coming back, and going again.

So that means I can't go to the party. Oh well, I guess it makes things easier to organise, and it's not like there won't be others. I just would have liked to go, is all.

Never mind...
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