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November 17th, 2002

[Nov. 17th, 2002|01:17 pm]
[Current Mood |discontent]
[Current Music |Jon Bon Jovi, Destination Anywhere]

Destination Anywhere
Name the place and I'll be there
Pack a bag and we're out of here - let's run
Destination Anywhere
Left or right - I don't care
Maybe we'll just disappear like the sun.

I know it's stupid, I know that to pack it all in now, when I'm in the last stretch of my degree, would be a waste of the last three years' hard work. But sometimes, I just want to take off, at a moment's notice, and not come back until I've seen the world.

I saw a couple in Waterstone's yesterday, in the travel section. The girl had her hands over her boyfriend's eyes and was making him pick a book at random off the shelf, obviously intending to go to the place the book was about. That's what I should do. What I will do, when I'm free from my current obligations.

But I want to go now. I want to just call my best friend up and say, "Come on, pack a bag, we're going travelling". Except, of course, he wouldn't go. He has obligations of his own, things that tie him to Brighton, and he just can't leave...

Someone convince me that staying the course is the right thing to do. I survived the first year, and all that shit with drunken-harasser!Laurie. I survived the second year, when my housemates and I hated each other. I survived the third year, when I was hundreds of miles away from everything and everyone I love. So how come, now, when it's all finally going well, I have the urge to drop out and throw it all away?

I know I should stay. It's only a few months more, after all. I just don't really want to, any more...

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