November 7th, 2002

bruised_candy Captain Jack

Well, that was... pointless.

Another year, another failed AGM.

You'd think that with a student body of 12000, we could get 600 people to stay in the same place for long enough to complete all the necessary business.

But apparently not.

Once again, the meeting didn't manage to remain quorate until we'd approved the budget. So, once again, the budget will be frozen until next Thursday when we have to come back and do it all again.

Why does that always happen? You'd think people would learn that the budget being frozen is a Bad Thing, since it leads to every service the union directly provides being suspended for at least a week until the bloody thing can be properly approved.

But no. Every year, the first attempt at an AGM fails to achieve quoracy, every year, the budget is frozen for a week, and every year, people panic and rush to attend, second time round. [/rant]


It's David the finance guy I feel sorry for. He's only recently come into the job, and he's inherited a whole load of problems left for him by his predecessors, including the fact that the union is verging on bankruptcy. He's just had to drastically cut the childcare provision, none of this is his fault, and now he has to announce that the budget is frozen for a week, despite all his many efforts to get people to go to the meeting.

He was sitting next to me all through the meeting, as we repeatedly lost quoracy and had to suspend proceedings until we got it back, with his head in his hands just muttering, "Why me? Why did I ever want this job anyway?"

Poor David.
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