October 15th, 2002

bruised_candy Captain Jack

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This song just takes me straight back to my first year at uni, sitting in Matt and Dina's flat with the whole group I hung round with then, listening to Adrian, Matt and Nick singing and playing whatever instruments came to hand. Nick's drums, sometimes, or guitars, or whatever else.

I can't believe that was three years ago, it feels like last week. And Nick's the only one of that group I still see regularly. Matt and Dina went home to Alaska, and Ady took off to Germany (although I hear he's back now), and the others I just lost touch with. I'll have to scan and upload some of the photos I took from those parties for you guys to see. We had so much fun, every time.

Damn, I wish I was back in Holland House with all my friends from that time, a first-year again, and that it would last as long as I wanted it to. I had the time of my life, living there. Still, nothing lasts forever...
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