September 17th, 2002

bruised_candy Captain Jack

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So Saddam Hussein has agreed to allow UN weapons inspectors into Iraq, with absolutely no conditions attached. And yet Jack Straw is still talking on the news about how we shouldn't trust him.

This says only one thing to me - those fools actually *want* to start a war.

*curls up in a protective ball, hiding in the old bombshelter in the neighbours' garden*
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bruised_candy Captain Jack

(no subject)

Seven people I'd shag, no strings attached, no recriminations: (no particular order). Stolen from olukemi via neonglow.

Connor Trinneer: Come on, how could you *not*? He's got a sexy accent, and he looks like James Dean.

David Bowie: At any point during his long career.

Marc Bolan: I like glam rock, OK?

Harrison Ford: preferably during the Han Solo era, but now at a push.

Johnny Depp: Cheekbones!

Orlando Bloom: see above

Guy Pearce: I've never seen a man who looked so good in drag

Alternates that mean nothing to anyone except me:

My old next-door neighbour Mark: the embodiment of a Greek god, now works in the City of London

My step-cousin Daniel: defines tall, dark and handsome. Unfortunately, according to my grandmother, he knows that a *bit* too well. Ah well, this is just a fantasy, right?

Jeremy from drama: he looked like Jude Law! What else is there to say? Shame I haven't seen him in years...

Dave from uni: almost had an embarrassing drunken incident with him - realised he had a steady girlfriend just in time...

Chris from uni: if he was straight.

Little Dan from uni: again, if he was straight.

Jacob, from uni: If he hadn't streaked across Library Square and got on the front cover of the student paper stark naked (yes, full-frontal), thus putting himself forever off-limits. It would be too weird.

Will from Choral, if he wasn't an arrogant bastard.
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