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[Sep. 22nd, 2003|04:23 pm]
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Title: What Once Was
Character: Darla (BtVS/AtS)
Words: 100
Rating: PG

She'd had to leave. They'd have arrested her if she'd stayed in England. One of her wealthier and kinder... visitors, more fond of her, perhaps, than was usual, had arranged her passage to the New World, and even paid for it.

And so Sarah Carter found herself aboard a passenger vessel bound for Virginia. As she gazed back at Plymouth harbour, she vowed to begin a new life, no longer a whore. That was not to be.

Four hundred years later, the woman who had once been Sarah Carter would return to America. But she would not remember that first voyage.
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Date:September 22nd, 2003 - 01:36 pm
Very nice drabble. I love your work! ^^

A friend and I were recently discussing Hitch-hiker and Blackadder slash, and I know you've written Arthur Dent/Dave Lister and Percy/Edmund... I was wondering, could you please provide me with the links to them? We'd both greatly appreciate it. :)