psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Title: Reviewing the Situation
Fandoms: BtVS and Harry Potter
Pairing: Oz/Harry
Rating: G

After leaving, Oz travelled the world, looking for a way to finally control the wolf completely - he'd thought he'd already achieved that, but it had become all too clear that he hadn't.

Finally, he found himself in Britain, looking for a man who could supposedly help. The trail ended in a small magical community in Scotland.

On asking, he was pointed to a quiet boy with dark hair. The only answer he got was: "He's gone. I don't know where."

But when Oz looked into the boy's bruised green eyes, he saw a kindred spirit. He decided to stay.

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    Found via camwyn, I present a fanvid that makes me giggle far, far too much with its pure perfection. What Would Brian Boitano Do?,…

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    Sharpe writers, all is forgiven. That? That was perfect.

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    New layout, whee! All credit to rapunze11e

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