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[Sep. 10th, 2003|08:32 pm]
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Edward II was brilliant. Some truly great performances, especially from Liam Brennan and Michael Brown. And, of course, Gerald Kyd. I can see why he was doing more warming-up than the others, when we saw him during the tour, what with all that jumping around the stage he had to do at the beginning.

There was this lovely bit near the middle, that represented a battle, but was more like a dance, or a kata. One of the best stagings of a battle I've ever seen.

I'm saying nothing about Gerald Kyd and his sheet, or indeed the many men who appeared on stage in various stages of undress. However, I deny all allegations that I was trying to look up their robes from the edge of the stage. The temptation was there, but I resisted. Resisted doing it too obviously, anyway...
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