psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Three related drabbles

Title: Beginning/Middle/End
Words: 3x100
Character: Piotr Rasputin (X-Men)

He was a happy child, back on the collective farm. He had everything he could wish for - enough food to eat, green spaces to play in, parents who loved him. And his little sister, always at his side, happy to take part in any game he might devise.

It took a split second for everything to change. One moment of horror, seeing the runaway tractor and knowing Illyana would die if he didn't do something. And then he wasn't just Piotr any more, he was a mutant, and he had to leave.

He missed it from that day on.


He doesn't know how things have gone so wrong. He is beginning to think that his troubles started when he left Russia. If he had stayed, Illyana would not have gone to Limbo, she would not be this strange moody young woman he does not know, in place of the happy child she once was and should still be.

And perhaps, just perhaps, she would not be dying, confined to bed in the medical wing. There is no tractor to smash this time, no way to save her, and Piotr cannot stand it.

He wishes he had never come here.


After Illyana's death, Piotr will go a little crazy. Understandable, really, given that she was his only remaining family and the grief must be beyond comprehension.

But this will pass. He will be in his right mind when he makes his final decision.

He will have seen the oncoming tractor, too late to save his sister, but in time, perhaps, to save the others who are sick, and those who will come after them.

He will see the job that is in front of him, and he will know he is the one to do it.

And so he will.

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