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[Aug. 25th, 2003|11:21 pm]
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Title: Ghosts We Keep
Author: Winged Elf
Rating: PG-13
Notes: 287 words. There's a line in here stolen from American Gods. That, and the characters, do not belong to me. GoldenEye/X-Files crossover, starring Krycek and Trevelyan.

Alec Trevelyan, on his first mission out of the Academy, was sent to investigate a certain young man of Russian descent, who had somehow managed to become an FBI agent, despite MI5's suspicions that he was a spy.

When he actually met Alex Krycek, Alec found to his surprise that he liked him very much. After their first few meetings, reasoning that he would be best placed to write his report on the potential traitor by befriending him, he invited Krycek out for a drink that night.

This was possibly a mistake.

One drink turned into three, five, seven, more. By that time, Alec was beyond noticing that Krycek was no longer matching him drink for drink, and was watching him speculatively. The rest of the night dissolved into a blur of impressions, which was all he would ever remember.


The next day, M contacted him to say he'd been pulled from the investigation for getting too close to its subject, and that he was to return to England immediately for reassignment. He never saw Krycek again in life, and but once in death.

That was shortly before his own fateful mission with 007. He woke sweating from a nightmare, and sensed a presence in the room with him, though it was clear that no one was there.

It was then that he heard, or not-quite heard, the voice. Krycek's - Alex's - voice.

"Goodbye, Alec. I tried to save the world, but I'm afraid I may have failed. God be with you, my friend, and take care of yourself."

He felt cold lips pressed to his forehead, and then the... ghost?... was gone.

Alec sank back into an uneasy sleep, barely aware that he was crying.
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