psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

I went to the Lewes fireworks last night, with Nick and Justin and a bunch of Nick's friends.

I drank too much bonfire brew and ate bits of roast pig in a roll and wandered around in the rain watching people with torches and giant effigies of George Bush, the Pope and Guy Fawkes march around town in pretty costumes. It was definitely something everyone should do at least once, given the chance, but I don't know if I'll bother going again next year. "Fun, but slightly disastrous" pretty much sums the whole thing up.

The group kept getting divided, for one thing. I ended up with Clare, Rachel and Justin watching the parade on Cliffe High St, having lost all the others. Justin was standing right behind me one minute, and then the next he'd completely disappeared in the crowd. The only phone number I've got for him is his pre-France mobile number, and he must have changed it because it didn't work. We never found him again.

So then we all t00bed off to the chosen bonfire site, where the group was reunited, with the obvious exception of Justin - except Nick was mysteriously missing. Anna said she'd been talking to him on the bridge but she didn't know where he'd gone now.

Cue much panic (because most of the group was supposed to be staying at Nick's house last night) and frantic attempts to call him, all of which hit his messaging service. Eventually, we decided to just watch the firework display and track him down afterwards.

Towards the end of the display, several members of the group got text or voice messages from Nick. He'd somehow managed to get himself arrested, possibly for fighting, and for something he swears was not his fault, and the cops were taking him home. So the others made their way back there to wait for him, and I went to spend 45 minutes in the queue for the train, completely exhausted, and finally made it back to the hostel.

To sum it up, it was a fun night, but possibly not a thing to do in a large group, because you will lose people, and then spend valuable time trying to get them back. But I had a good time. If you get the chance, go, definitely!

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