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[Aug. 23rd, 2003|11:52 am]
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Finally went to see PotC last night with morganmuffle.

What can I say? Apart from "go see it now if you haven't already", of course.

Johnny Depp is quite simply a genius. And, for once, he had the accent absolutely dead-on.

Don't care what any of you may say, Orlando is a good actor. He just does it all with his eyes, instead of exaggerated facial expressions.

Every single person in this movie was perfectly cast, and most of them had well-defined characters (although it did get a little confusing, in the battle between Barbossa and Jack's respective crews, to work out which crew the people getting killed - or "killed" - belonged to).

Liked the moral ambiguity. Jack betraying, or seeming to betray, everybody except himself at least once was great, and even Barbossa came across sympathetically, especially in his speech to Elizabeth about not being able to feel anything.

I don't get how people can regard Norrington as evil. Throughout the film, he's just trying to do what he thinks is right, even if his idea of what's right isn't the same as the audience's until just before the end. And I loved his little speech to Will about the sword, which basically boiled down to "I know Elizabeth loves you and not me, so I'm stepping aside - but take care of her. Hurt her in any way, and I'll hurt you". What's to hate in a man like that? I just don't understand it...
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Date:August 23rd, 2003 - 08:05 am
1) Took you bloody long enough!

2) I've got several soft squishy parts for Norrington. He's just so delightfully snooty and right and you just want to muss him up while he's reciting nautical law to you. *le sigh*
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Date:August 23rd, 2003 - 09:18 am
Yay! PoTC kicks ass! I think Johnny Depp's first scene has got to be one of the best character introductions I've seen in a long time.

On a completely unrelated topic, I promised you some programme notes for the LOTR music a while back. Sorry I haven't done them yet, my thesis happened. :S I'll be done with that by the end of next week so I'll do them then.
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Date:August 23rd, 2003 - 12:06 pm
I think the movie strived to make Norrington disliked - he was the competition for the hero. But hated? That's just someone being a bit too defensive. He probably would have made a better husband, especially during that period of time, but the filmakers want you to root for the swashbuckling romanticism. Not that there's anything wrong with that, its just what the movie was conveying.

Ambiguity of any sort is good. ^^
Date:August 23rd, 2003 - 11:38 pm
Not at all! The ending was designed to make the audience sympathize with Norrington, but they cut the crucial setup scene for some bizarre reason. Text of the scene may be found in the comments a few entries back in elke_tanzer's journal.

I agree to a point about Orlando Bloom; I couldn't tell if he could act at all before, and now I think he's at least decent, although I'm not converted. But the almost total lack of facial expression in both LOTR and PotC bothers me, because yes, he does act with his eyes, but people do also make normal facial expressions and he doesn't most of the time.

It might help to see him in a less straight-man role, though.
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Date:August 23rd, 2003 - 01:18 pm
What's to hate in a man like that?

Heh. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Date:August 24th, 2003 - 02:17 pm
There was an article in the Guardian about British actors being cast as villains which cited the character of Norrington as an example. Then when I actually saw the film I was confused because he wasn't a villain at all. Stupid lazy journalist.