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I was on the train with Andrea earlier, and she was trying to get me to ask Martin out, my response to which was "No, I don't fancy him".

This is true.

The question is, why don't I fancy him?

He's nice. He's good-looking. He's straight. He's single.

So why am I not attracted to him in the slightest?

I've only known him three years, and we're not close enough that I can really claim to think of him as a brother.

Maybe it's a residual thing from when he started going out with Katherine and stayed with her for so long, so soon after we first met, so I can't think of him as single, even now, over a year after they broke up.

Merh. I don't know.

There's only one solution. I'll have to find him a nice girlfriend, then he'll be safely off-limits again and I can stop worrying about it.

Any offers? He really is lovely...

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