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[Jul. 25th, 2003|09:47 pm]
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Title: To Share the Fate of Men
Pairings: None, except a reference to Arwen/Aragorn
Rating: G

When Arwen and the twins were all of age, Elrond knew that he could no longer avoid his duty. The time had come to explain to them the choice that they would one day face. He summoned his children to him, and sat them down to perform that sad task.

"Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, there are things I must tell you. I did not wish to burden you with the knowledge before your coming of age, but that time has now come for all of you, and there are things you must know.

"I have never before told you that I once had a brother. You are aware, I know, of your ancestors Idril and Tuor, and the choice that fell to me regarding my fate, as a result of their love. As you all know, I chose to be judged with the Elves. My brother, Elros, took the other path. He lived a longer span than any Man of this Age, even those with the blood of Numenor in their veins, but time claimed its own in the end, and he was lost to me.

"It is still the greatest grief of all my years, and I welcome Elros' descendants to this House whenever they ask it. But that is why I have called you here today - a sorer grief may yet await us all.

"The same decision that once faced Elros and I, awaits the three of you. Not today, and I hope not before many years have passed, but you must one day choose your path - that of Elves, or that of Men. Remember, whatever your decision, it will not be final until the last ship sails from the Grey Havens, bearing away Cirdan and the last of our kind in Middle Earth.

"I wish also to be sure that you know one other thing. Though to lose any one of you, my children, would grieve me sorely, this choice must be yours and yours alone. Do not be swayed by thoughts of my pain, if you wish to remain in the world of Men. I will accept your decision, whatever it may be, as long as you are content that it is the right one."

The three young elves rose solemnly and embraced their father, saddened by his words. At that time, none of them believed that they would ever wish to abandon the world of Elvenkind, but history records that such was not to be. Many years later, following Arwen's marriage, the grief Lord Elrond had foreseen came indeed to pass.
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Date:July 25th, 2003 - 01:48 pm

I hate you for writing so prettily. *Envy*

Loff you tons though. ;)