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Musings on old friends and the nature of things

I've been thinking a lot about Laura, lately. I've known Laura all my life. Literally. Since before I can remember. We shared several birthday parties in our childhood, and we went to the same school for fifteen years. We knew each other better than anyone else in the world, once. Hell, we used to finish each other's sentences.

So why do I feel like the three years since we finished school have left me hardly knowing her at all? I know I don't see her much any more, but still - she can't have changed that much, can she? Or maybe I have...

And Belinda, as well. We spent our whole school lives together, for fourteen years, and she didn't even invite me to her wedding. Another one I've lost...

Is this the way it's always going to be? A part of my life ends, and I slowly lose the people I knew best during that time? Because if so, I think I'd like the whole thing to stop now, please. I'll just stay a university student, at least then I might get to keep the friends I've got now.

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