psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Title: Matchmaker
Pairing: Orlando/Adam Garcia, Stephen Fry
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Never happened, and the boys belong to themselves.
Notes: Written after it occurred to me that my two favourite boys both had very small roles in Wilde.

Stephen had made a point of introducing the most promising of his young proteges from this movie to each other. Neither of them had a particularly large role in Wilde, but he was sure that they were both destined to go a long way.

So, Stephen had carefully steered Adam over to the corner where Orlando sat alone, and was now keeping a watchful eye on them as they talked. Better for both the young ones to have a friend on the path to fame, someone to congratulate or to commiserate.

As he saw them get up and leave the room, discreetly holding hands, Stephen smiled. Everything was going even better than he'd hoped.
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